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Learn more about our growing portfolio of B2B software companies with unique competitive positions and superior mission critical solutions.

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As prior operating executives with firsthand experience growing software companies, we work in the trenches alongside our management teams to maximize value.

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“When we went looking for an investment partner, I wasn’t interested in having another boss. We were seeking a partner who would leverage their expertise to improve our company’s bottom line. For BitTitan, TVC is more than an investor. They understand that running and growing a company is hard and their advice enables our success as we navigate uncharted territories. The team at TVC is always accessible for anything we need. We consider TVC a trusted business partner.”

“Throughout the lifecycle of the investment, TVC was a great partner for me as CEO and for the business itself. Their operating experience provided great insights and enabled us to better plan, measure, and grow the business to achieve a significant increase in valuation.”

“Partnering with TVC Capital was game-changing for Limeade. They provide real operating insights in ways most venture investors can’t. Every day, they put their reputation, connections and experience to work for us — whether we ask or not. They are investors, but also friends and mentors.”

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with TVC Capital twice as a CEO. During my first experience working with TVC Capital, they represented our first and only institutional capital and, over the course of five years, they proved essential in helping us execute on our business plan and ultimately exit the company successfully with a sale to Polycom in 2011. When I joined MediaPlatform as CEO in 2015, TVC Capital was the first prospective investor I approached and, thankfully, we’re working together again. Over the 10+ years I’ve worked with them, their capabilities continue to get more and more impressive, but they still maintain a critical level of accessibility and involvement of a trusted partner.”

“TVC Capital is not just an investor, they are a trusted partner. TVC consistently provides useful guidance and is always available to provide direct feedback on an approach. They deliver a sense of ‘patient urgency’ in our interactions bringing a healthy blend of experience from real challenges and encouraging push for accomplishments. ReverseVision is my second firm with TVC as an investor. Given all the options available, this second round indicates how highly valued the relationship has become. I would not hesitate to participate with them again in the future.”

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