• Led by software operating executives
  • Current fund, TVC IV, is $180 million

Software-Focused Growth Equity

  • Focus on mission-critical software companies with $2.5 million plus in revenue
  • Differentiated strategy: Mix of growth equity, acquisitions and model conversions

  • Create value through operational inputs
  • “In the trenches” approach

About Us

Founded in 2007, TVC Capital is an operator-led growth equity firm focused on investments in and acquisitions of software companies and software-enabled service firms. We target a wide spectrum of software sectors and industry verticals that are poised for growth and consolidation. We invest growth equity in minority interests as well as provide capital for recapitalizations and buyouts. TVC is currently investing out of a $180 million fund and has $400 million in assets under management.

Investments in Growing Software Companies

TVC Capital seeks investment opportunities with U.S. software companies generating $2.5 million plus in annual revenue. We typically invest in such companies that are at or tracking towards profitability, meet a mission-critical need of their customer base, and are in need of capital to accelerate their growth. We also welcome the opportunity to begin a dialogue with growth-oriented software companies that are below our revenue threshold, but are at an inflection point in their development and are poised for future growth.

Team with Extensive Operating Experience

The TVC Capital team is comprised of operating executives who have successful track records of managing all stages of corporate evolution, from start up to IPO and the mature stages of public company growth. Extensive technology and operations experience accumulated through years of founding, growing, managing, and successfully exiting technology companies enables the TVC team to work “in the trenches” with our investment partners.

Unique Insights into Operational Value Creation

In working with management teams, TVC seeks to professionalize portfolio companies across all functional areas. We focus on expanding the sales, marketing and business development activities of the company, bolstering the depth and breadth of management teams and key personnel, expanding and/or refining product lines to improve competitive differentiation, and improving operational efficiencies to accelerate growth, maximize value and improve the likelihood of an attractive exit.