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Nelson Greenwood

Advisor - Sales Best Practices

Nelson brings over 35 years of sales expertise to TVC Capital where he serves as the firm’s sales advisor to the portfolio company leadership. He specializes in sales & opportunity management processes, sales methodologies, lead qualification & generation, and sales technology platforms. In addition to his sales background, Nelson co-founded and operated a successful start-up.

Nelson started his career as the youngest front line sales representative hired by the Business Products Division of 3M Company. From there, he worked his way up through various sales positions and eventually founded Leader Technologies, the leading supplier of product registration services to consumer electronics companies. Leader Technologies was successfully acquired in 2012. Nelson then served as Vice President of Sales for Digital Map Products, a Titan Investment Partners portfolio company, which was successfully sold in 2016.

Nelson received a BS in Marketing from San Diego State University.


(949) 233-9789

Also "in the trenches with you"